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  • The Origins of the Name “Foosball”

    Where did the game of foosball come from, and where did it get that peculiar name? Just like all proud North Carolinians flinch when they see the Ohio “birthplace of aviation” license plates, many Europeans share a similar rivalry over the birthplace of this classic table game. European origins In the late 1930s, a famous…

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  • What You Need To Know: Table Shuffleboard vs. Floor Shuffleboard

    Depending on who you are, you may think of very different games when someone asks, “So, you wanna play some shuffleboard?” Table shuffleboard is a popular game in bars and pubs, while floor shuffleboard is now often associated with retirement communities and cruise ships. The two games and their origins share some common elements –…

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  • How to Buy a Cue Stick

    Triangle Home Gamerooms Raleigh cue stick

    Even a world-class pool player will have some trouble if you hand them a dysfunctional cue stick. It’s considerably worse if you are an amateur just trying to learn the game. The cue stick will offer no consistency for you to build your skills on. Both amateurs and professionals can find the right cue stick…

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  • Soft-Tip or Hard-Tip Darts: Which is Better?

    Triangle Home Gamerooms Raleigh darts

    While the game of darts was long played with steel tips (now sometimes known as hard tips), plastic soft-tipped darts now predominate in both homes and bars. The reasons for this change and the advantages of each type of dart are described below. Triangle Home Gamerooms provides Raleigh-Durham area dart players with professional dart boards…

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  • How to Shape a Cue Tip for Pool

    Triangle Home Gamerooms Raleigh pool cue stick

    Pool is a game of precision. There are those who play casually and may not care about mastering these details, but others embrace the challenge to dive a bit deeper. Keeping all elements under your control to the extent that you can eliminates unpredictability from your shot. The cue stick is one of the factors…

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  • Have an Old Arcade or Pinball Machine? Don’t Trash it. Fix it!

    Triangle Home Gamerooms Raleigh Pinball Machine

    If you wait long enough, one year’s junk can become the next year’s treasure. The arcade and pinball machine craze peaked in the late 1970s and early 1980s before then fading from the scene after the advent of home consoles. Many thought it had faded for good. However, these games seem to be back en…

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  • Different Games You Can Play With A Dartboard

    raleigh dartboards darts board

    You probably think darts is a simple game. You throw a sharp stick at a bullseye on the wall; whoever gets closest to the center wins the game, right? Pff, you have so much to learn. There are about as many ways to play darts as there are holes in the wall next to a…

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  • How to Clean Cloth on a Pool Table

    How to Clean Cloth on a Pool Table

    You had some friends over, and somebody knocked over a beer on your pool table. Or, maybe your kid emptied some crackers or chips on it, and now there are crumbs stuck to the felt. Or, maybe your cat just likes to hop up on top, and now fur is covering the surface. We get…

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  • Five Great Game Options for Your Man Cave

    man cave furniture raleigh north carolina

    You are now the envy of all the other men in the neighborhood. You have an area of your home designated a ‘man cave.’ This space will bring you hours of enjoyment, prevent burnout from work, save your marriage, and make you the most popular guy on the block. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration…

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  • How Much Room Does a Pool Table Need?

    raleigh pool table how much room

    One of the most common mistakes people make when purchasing a pool table is to not consider how much space they’ll need. It’s not just the space for the table itself – but also for the pool cue and room to move around comfortably. We’ve all had the frustrating experience of going over to a…

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  • Why the Raleigh Durham Area Is Great for Gamers

    triangle home game rooms arcade game jackpot

    Millennials have been able to transition into hard-working, productive adults while not abandoning all the games they grew up playing. It’s very much in style to wax nostalgic and celebrate everything 80s and 90s. The Raleigh-Durham area is a perfect place for this trend. We have tech savvy, Millennials with expendable income looking to unwind…

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  • Difference Between a Game and a Sport

    Triangle Home Gamerooms Raleigh Sports

    Triangle Home Gamerooms sells equipment for a variety of sports and games to the people of the Raleigh and Durham areas. We’re often asked, though, why are some things categorized as games and others as sports? This is a complicated and not completely satisfying distinction, but we will try to answer that question the best…

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