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  • Improve Your Mancave

    man cave raleigh joke games

    Every man needs that special place to call his own where he can just get away. Men and women often unwind in very different ways. While women may want to talk about their day and process it, we men often just want to crawl into a cave and go numb for awhile. The concept of…

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  • Multicades in Raleigh and Homes — What To Know

    arcade games raleigh

    Arcade games are hot right now. Boxcar in downtown Raleigh has had booming success by filling their bar with fun arcade games and pinball machines. Level Up has followed suit and brought the same into their establishment, as well. Lynnwood Brewing Concern even has some in their big game room. For those of us who…

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  • Pool or Billiards — What’s the Difference?

    mesa pool table raleigh durham

    If you grew up in the United States, you’ve almost certainly played a game or two of pool. It is a great game to enjoy with friends in a bar or with family in your den. Every once in a while, though, you may have heard the term billiards thrown around. It could have been…

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  • Spinning in Foosball — Right or Wrong?

    wenge foosball table triangle area

    Foosball is the ultimate bar game, garage game, and mancave game. It’s more interactive than pool (and equally so as for ping pong), but the equipment takes up considerably less space. Face-to-face competition with your opponent adds another element of intensity not available in the other games. With many of these table games, however, most…

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  • Ping Pong vs. Table Tennis — Difference?

    green rollaway table tennis raleigh cary

    Every red-blooded, American kid has played ping pong at least once. You saw tables at community centers, friends’ houses and, if you were lucky, in your own garage or game room. Generally, you’d hear it called ping pong. Every once in awhile, however, someone would throw in the phrase “table tennis.” Maybe you shrugged it…

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  • Come in and Test it Out in Raleigh!

    showroom arcade games raleigh

    At Triangle Home Gamerooms, we want you to feel free to come in and get a closer look at the games we have in stock. If you saw a car you were interested in, you’d probably start by doing some online research to see what reviewers say about it and what the details of the…

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  • Highest Rated Arcade Games in Stock Now

    golden tee golf 2012 unplugged pedestal

    Triangle Home Gamerooms is proud to consistently have high-quality, in-demand arcade games in stock at our Raleigh location. Whether you own a bar or a restaurant and want to add more attractions for your customers or you’re a homeowner who wants to entertain guests with some great games, you’ll find that our showroom features plenty…

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  • October Is Foosball Month

    wenge foosball table triangle area

    Triangle Home Gamerooms is having a special on foosball-related items for the month of October. Everything connected to the game of foosball will be 10 percent off. Even the game tables will be sold at this reduced price! Our selection includes models from Tornado, Garlando, Brunswick, Dynamo, Legacy, and more. In addition, all replacement parts…

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  • Older and Legacy Arcade Game Need Routine Maintenance

    arcade service repair maintenance raleigh nc

    There’s an old saying in medicine that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The wisdom of this approach is that less drastic measures have to be taken by maintaining something than if you wait for catastrophic failure. Arcade games and pinball machines around Raleigh, NC are no different. Extending their life…

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