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Pinball Machines For Sale in Raleigh

In the 1950s and then later reinforced by pinball wizard The Fonz from Happy Days, the quickest route to proving your rebel status in America was to be seen playing pinball machines. These games of skill have advanced greatly from their illicit beginnings, and now enthusiasts take great pride in showing off their favorite piece or even entire collection. With their universal appeal and playability, pinball machines offer exhilarating amusement-they often quite literally have all the bells and whistles (along with flashing lights, vibrations, and other cool features)! As the only major company in the world still making local pinball machines, Stern produces about three new titles each year and sells mostly to collectors now. With these limited options for new machines, Triangle Home Gamerooms in Raleigh instead focuses on finding and reconditioning classics and recent favorites. Our pinball technicians put significant effort into the restoration process, and we are always willing to talk shop with those hobbyists who like to get involved and do the work themselves. Contact us or stop by the showroom to play a mean pinball-you never know what you might find!