Harley Davidson Pinball Machine



This pre-owned Harley Davidson, First Edition, pinball machine was manufactured by Sega in 1999.  The Harley Davidson theme of this pinball machine is great for any game room or man cave.  This game offers three multi-ball modes.  The first multi-ball, Motorcyle Multi-ball, is controlled by a 1999 FLSTF Fat Boy® Motorcycle ball lock that does a wheelie and allows players to lock four pinballs to activate the multi-ball action. The second multi-ball, Red Light Multi-ball, is controlled by lighting all the lights in the 3-D stoplight.   The last multi-ball, the Speedometer Multi-ball, is controlled by shooting the ramp and lighting the gears on the speedometer.  This pinball machine also features a shaker motor that rumbles the machine like a real bike as you take off down the road listening to rock n’ roll classics!

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