Legacy Jamie Billiard Table



The Jamie pool table is designed with sleek, wooden legs accented with a stainless steel base. Its fashion forward design has made it highly desirable not only for billiard connoisseurs, but for today’s smartphone and app mentality generation. A generation that reflects a smaller footprint moving away from the excessive, overdone bling. It features enclosed pockets, stainless steel trim, and scaled down proportions paired with a multi-purpose design. Purchase the coordinating dining top to make it the centerpiece of your room.


  • Available in 6 ft. and 7 ft.
  • Available in Blackberry, Desert, and Chocolate Finishes
  • Round Pearl Rail Sights
  • Sold Wood Frame Construction
  • Flush Mesh Drop Pockets
  • 6′ Available with MDF or 1 Piece Slate Playfield
  • 7′ Available with 3 Piece 1″ Slate


Billiard Table:

6′ with MDF Playfield:    $4,295

6′ with 1 Piece Slate:      $4,795

7′ with 3 Piece 1″ Slate: $4,995


Dining Top:

6′: $1,395

7′: $1,495


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