No Fear Pinball Machine



Plenty of…Air, Water, Dirt, Asphalt, Snow. But NO FEAR!

No Fear: Dangerous Sports is a 1995 pinball game designed by Steve Ritchie and released by Williams. It is based on the clothing line. This game has an extreme sports theme and features skydiving, free climbing, water skiing, extreme skiing, supercross, and car racing. The pinball game features appearances by motocross racer Jeremy McGrath, skier Glen Plake, NASCAR racer Robby Gordon, water skier Sammy Duvall, and climber Dan Osman.

Go over the edge, jump the ramps, shoot the tubes, race on the asphalt, loop the summit, and freefall out of an airplane. For an even bigger rush, scream through the playfield accelerator to build up speed and then try to make it across the ramp. After you’ve gone through all of that, take on the Major Challenges to show what you’ve really got — all while Skull the Bone Head keeps taunting away.

The game features eight challenges (five Minor, two Major, and one Final). Toys include the magnetic ball accelerator and talking skull with lighted eyes and moving jaw. The skull shouts out shot instructions as players face 2-, 3-, and 4-ball multi-ball and whip through the easy-to-repeat loops.

The fiery backglass and cabinet graphics make the game even more extreme. A little danger makes it a lot of fun!

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