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While authentic arcades have all but disappeared, fond memories of these establishments still remain. From the first successful coin-operated game created in 1931 to today’s redemption games-but especially in the late 1970s through early 1980s and again with the renaissance in the 1990s-arcades have held their own special place in American culture. Unfortunately, the classics are gone from today’s amusement parks and other locations. Arcade video games have been replaced mostly with redemption games that produce tickets for prizes. Triangle Home Gamerooms makes every effort to bring that sense of nostalgia back to your home or business. We carry the memorable arcade games that you grew up playing-like Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Space Invaders, and Galaga. We also feature other arcade games like Golden Tee and Street Fighter II. Similarly, we sell old-fashioned jukeboxes from manufacturers like Rock-ola and Wurlitzer that you just don’t come across anymore in today’s establishments. In our showroom, you can also find other items from arcades or restaurants and bars like darts and popcorn machines. As you’re looking to recreate the fun in your own space, Triangle Home Gamerooms in Raleigh is here to help! Come see local arcade games and service!

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