Pool Tables

Pool Tables

Billiard tables in Raleigh have been bringing families and friends together for generations. Whether you have a love for the game or are a beginner, billiards can provide hours of entertainment. Enjoyed since the early 1500s, the game requires no particular strength or skill to start playing. Once you experience its depth and beauty, however, you can learn so much—including strategy, hand-eye coordination, and good sportsmanship.

Our local billiard tables come in styles to fit just about any taste, lifestyle, and budget. Offering the best in the industry, the showroom at Triangle Home Gamerooms features tables for both recreational and serious players. We carry only slate tables of uncompromising quality, backed by manufacturers recognized as the most outstanding in their field.

With our factory-trained sales team and technicians, Triangle Home Gamerooms strives to provide service that matches the excellence of our tables. As the local dealer for Legacy Billiards, we proudly represent one of the industry’s leading pool table manufacturers. We share the company’s commitment to exceed expectations for fine quality, playability, and attractiveness.

In addition, Triangle Home Gamerooms offers exceptional pool tables from Connelly Billiards for those customers who want even more options for customization.

When buying their billiard table from Triangle Home Gamerooms or elsewhere, we encourage our customers to consider important factors like playability, construction, appearance, and overall value. While choices will vary with each particular table, customers can choose among several ways to customize their purchase such as table finish, leg style, cloth, and pocket style. Our experienced staff will be glad to help you through the process of selecting the perfect table for your needs!

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